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Window Supply Wokingham Double glazing with slimline frames to flood a space with natural light. Thermally broken profile for enhanced insulation and better heat retention. Trickle ventilation that allows for a steady flow of air into the property without compromising thermal efficiency. Aluminium Framework supplied by Smart, Schüco and Sapa, for a market leading performance.

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Our experience providing windows, doors and rooflight systems for projects across Wokingham has allowed us to perfect our service to the needs of installers throughout the region. Working hard to remain at the forefront of home improvement engineering has allowed us to develop a wealth of expertise which is now at your fingertips. Speak to our team to find out more about the various windows we supply!

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All of our windows are fully bespoke and available with an extensive selection of customisable features, including sizes, shapes, styles and most importantly, finishes. Another key advantage of aluminium is how stunning it appears in many different colours, whether you’re looking for a bold hue that stands out as a focal point for your Wokingham building or a more gentle tone that compliments the exterior brickwork.

With a broad palette of interesting colours and pigmentation provided from market leading company RAL, you can truly make the most of your aluminium window. Our design team will be on hand should you or your client need any advice or recommendations. Otherwise, unleash your creativity and give the property a unique sense of flair!

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When manufacturing and supplying these windows, the security of the property is always our number one priority. Our windows come equipped with advanced multipoint locking mechanisms that can withstand modern burglary techniques, and the double glazed panels provide an added structural advantage that has no weak spots or points of leverage for potential intruders to exploit.

The natural strength of aluminium makes it the perfect material for protecting against physical force. The multichambered profiles are designed to absorb as much impact as possible, keeping the window intact and the frame unbroken. These products are built to exceed the standards set by the UK Building Regulations and guarantee the highest degree of safety for the Wokingham building.

Glazing Options

Our various glazing options will allow you to decide how the window ends up looking. Either allow the light to flow naturally through the unit with clear, transparent glass or enhance the privacy of the interior with frosted or patterned styles. It all depends on what would suit your project.

The double glazing we use in our windows has a massive advantage in terms of thermal efficiency, as the dual pane system prevents the heat inside the property from easily escaping. This means a more energy efficient home, which is easier on the homeowner’s bills and the environment.

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We offer UK industry leading aluminium windows across Wokingham and the surrounding areas at competitive rates. Take advantage of our fantastic double glazing products by filling out our online quoting engine with your base specifications. If you have any questions for our team, you can message us on our online contact form or give us a call on 01252 336614.

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