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Window Supply Wokingham Double glazing with slimline frames to flood a space with natural light. Thermally broken profile for enhanced insulation and better heat retention. Trickle ventilation that allows for a steady flow of air into the property without compromising thermal efficiency. Aluminium Framework supplied by Smart, Schüco and Sapa, for a market leading performance.

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There’s never been a better time to upgrade the standard of your window installations across Surrey with us. Whether it's a brand new home in need of modern solutions or a refurbishment project, our friendly team is here to help. From the initial order to the final delivery of the product, we’re at your service, and will always be happy to help if you need advice during the installation. Start your quote now!

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Colour Options

Choosing the right finish for the windows of the property can be a tough decision for homeowners. Fortunately, we provide a stunning palette of colour options to give every business in Surrey the ability to offer exactly what their customers need. Aluminium offers a truly unique aesthetic which can let the colours stand out or blend in with the brickwork. Our windows will look beautiful from any angle.

We’re proud to work alongside colour experts RAL to make our windows look their very best at every turn. If you or your clients are unsure of which finish would best suit their homes, our designers are always happy to help - just give us a call on 01252 336614 or use our online contact form and we’ll offer any advice or recommendations you may need.

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Handle Options

As visually appealing as our windows are, it’s also very important that they keep homes in Surrey protected from potential intrusion. These various handle accessory styles come fully equipped with multipoint locking mechanisms which will hold in place against misuse or manipulation. Enhance the security of your window installations with our cutting edge safety components.

One key property of aluminium is its natural strength compared to alternative window frame options. As a result, our aluminium windows are capable of withstanding considerable physical force without breaking or giving way. This structural integrity is increased further by the toughened double glazing, making our windows as secure and strong as possible.

Glazing Options

Your customers won’t just get to choose the ideal finish and accessories for their windows, they’ll also be able to pick from a broad selection of glazing options. Our transparent glass will allow light to flood into the Surrey home naturally and give the residents an unmitigated view of their property’s exterior space. Alternatively, we also offer frosted or patterned glazing which can obstruct the view, adding privacy where needed.

Offer bespoke aluminium windows as part of your trade with Total Aluminium Solutions. Whether it's a standard casement model, a sliding sash or even a tilt & turn style, we’ve got exactly what you need. Speak to our market leading professionals to learn more about our exceptional windows. Our double glazed window supply will raise the standard for your business at great prices!

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Revolutionise your trade business in Surrey and the surrounding regions by ordering our aluminium windows for your next project. Fill out our online quoting engine with your specifications for your double glazing. If you have any questions for our team, you can message us on our online contact form or give us a call on 01252 336614.

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