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Window Designs Reading Double glazing with slimline frames to flood a space with natural light. Thermally broken profile for enhanced insulation and better heat retention. Trickle ventilation that allows for a steady flow of air into the property without compromising thermal efficiency. Aluminium Framework supplied by Smart, Schüco and Sapa, for a market leading performance.

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Revolutionise the scope of your Reading project with our premium grade windows. Our experience in procuring and refining aluminium for profiles has enabled us to create features which can’t be matched in terms of quality and visual appeal. Our large warehouse is routinely stocked with a broad range of products, so you’ll be far less likely to have to wait for your order to be completed. Choose a reliable, hassle free service with us.

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Each Reading homeowner should have the freedom to choose the perfect finish for their new windows. We’re proud to partner with RAL, a company well known for providing a stunning palette of various paints and pigments. Find the ideal colour for your frames which will complement the existing exterior brickwork of the building as well as the interior style. We have solutions for both traditional and contemporary homes.

The available shades we offer for your windows are designed to either match or redefine the aesthetic of the Reading property. Alongside the finish, you can choose from various customisable elements to complete the look of the features, including shape, style and configuration. Our design experts are more than happy to offer any advice or recommendations should you or your client need. Speak to us to find out more.

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Aluminium offers a unique advantage over alternative window frame materials such as uPVC or timber. Aluminium is remarkably strong whilst being lightweight enough to resist warping effects. As a result, these windows are available with slick, slimline frames which add a modern edge without compromising the strength of the unit. They’ll be able to absorb a tremendous amount of physical force without breaking.

The double glazing also assists in supporting the windows’ defences, helping the glass to resist against intrusion attempts. Our products are designed in accordance with the UK Building Regulations standards and do not have any weak spots that can be easily exploited. Furthermore, our multipoint locking mechanisms are highly advanced and can help the windows to withstand a range of burglary techniques.

Glazing Options

Double glazing involves using two panes of glass to create a small gap in between through which heat struggles to pass. Windows previously vulnerable to heat loss can become powerful shields of insulation as a result of this feature. Invest in your Reading project with our cost-effective aluminium windows.

We also offer a variety of different glazing styles designed to obscure glass or add a decorative element. Protect the privacy of the bathrooms and bedrooms with beautiful glass patterns which will still allow light to warm the space. No matter the needs of the property, we’ve got you covered.

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There’s never been a better time to offer world class aluminium windows as part of your Reading trade services. Use our online quoting engine to get a free, no obligation estimate for your order. If you’ve got any questions for us, you can either enter your details into our online contact form or give us a call on 01252 336614. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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