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big aluminium windows leatherhead Double glazing designed to retain natural heat while allowing light to filter into the home. Thermally broken profile to improve insulation and ensure cold air cannot get into the home. Aluminium Framework supplied by Smart, Schüco and Sapa, for the ultimate performance. Trickle ventilation that allows for a steady flow of air into the property without compromising thermal efficiency.

Windows Manufacturers Mitcham

We provide a wide array of customisations for our aluminium window frames, from configurations to colours, meaning you are sure to find an installation suited perfectly to your Mitcham project. All quality work begins with quality materials, which is why we use the very best aluminium in all of our frames and ensure your installation is a success. Get started on your home project today with our premium window fittings, and contact our team of expert manufacturers for more information about how we can help!

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Colour Range

With rows upon rows of London homes all looking the same, many homeowners wish there was a way to make their home a little more distinctive among the crowd. Total Aluminium Solutions works with RAL colours to bring vivid options to the table and an extensive selection of customisations for our window frames. From deep brown and traditional white frames to bright pinks and blues, your project can be truly one of a kind and reflect the personalities and preferences of the family within.

Market leaders in exterior colour coatings, RAL paint and pigments won’t discolour or fade and will stand the test of time. Ensure that your project remains in a pristine condition with these high quality materials and get great results every time. Visit our gallery to see examples of our past work, or contact our team to get more information now!

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Highly Secure

Safety and security are at the forefront of all our installations. All our aluminium windows come fitted with superior mulitpoint locking systems to give homeowners the peace of mind that their home is protected at all times. These multipoint locking systems ensure that there are no weak spots in the framework, giving maximum security. You can be confident that you are installing windows that can stand up to external force and deter potential intruders.

We offer a wide range of highly secure window handles with our aluminium frames, again securing the windows. Your project will result in additional security for the home and we never settle for anything less than the highest standards in this regard. With over thirty years in the industry, we combine optimum security techniques with our decades of experience to craft the very best windows for your project every time.

Glazing Options

Many London homes are built close together, meaning that they can often be overlooked by neighbours. To provide additional privacy, we offer a range of glazed and obscured glass for our windows. These options are ideal for bathroom windows, or rooms that are particularly visible to onlookers, as they prevent the need to keep the curtains constantly closed and still allow natural light in whilst preventing a clear view inside.

Our windows are designed and crafted to maintain the best of double glazing - providing outstanding thermal efficiency whilst ventilating the property to prevent mould and damp accumulating. All of our glazing options can be customised to meet your specifications, so contact our Mitcham team to discuss your favourite designs today!

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Window Prices Mitcham

Total Aluminium Solutions are proud providers of premium aluminium window profiles to installers in Mitcham and across the UK at great prices. Based in Aldershot, we provide windows nationwide, with efficient timelines and an excellent team of experts crafting the best quality products. To get a quote, or to discuss any queries or ideas, visit our quoting engine, or call us on 01252 336614 today. We look forward to hearing from you and working together to complete your next Mitcham project!

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