Can Aluminium Windows Be Double Glazed?

Due to developments in technology and installation techniques for including both aluminium and double glazing in recent years, aluminium window profiles are becoming increasingly prevalent in the home improvement industry in Aldershot and beyond. This is largely because of the outstanding thermal efficiency and security that double glazed aluminium windows provide to a property whilst offering slender and stylish installations. 

By incorporating double glazing into aluminium window profiles, you can create optimal installations to improve the performance of a property whilst maintaining a sleek and stylish visual effect. Read on to learn more about the benefits that you can expect from your double glazed aluminium windows! 

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Thermal Efficiency 

Aluminium is a low-density material and therefore is a natural insulator. When combined with double glazing, these windows can reduce the unnecessary heat lost by an incredible 60% – helping to reduce the need for central heating to keep your property at a comfortable temperature and thus lowering your fuel consumption and energy bills. 

Our aluminium windows are crafted with a polyamide thermal break within the frame, which is designed to trap pockets of warm air and prevent heat loss through the frame. At the same time, the high quality double glazed panels we use help to prevent heat loss through the glass due to their clever vacuum seal. Heat is better retained within the property, eliminating frustrating temperature fluctuations and helping to keep your property comfortable all year round. 

Choose double glazed aluminium windows for your next home improvement project to see for yourself how they enhance the thermal efficiency and comfort of your property. Contact the team at Total Aluminium Solutions today to get started! 

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Secure Your Home 

Double glazed aluminium windows have rapidly become one of the most sought-after home improvement solutions in the UK, as they offer strength, security and sustainability. Aluminium windows offer unrivalled strength and durability despite being incredibly lightweight, making them the perfect windows. They can last for a remarkable four decades if properly maintained, and the aluminium is a recyclable material that can be reused in the future – making these windows the smart choice for your property and the planet. 

Double glazing is naturally more resistant to smashing or shattering as a result of external force in comparison to single-glazed panels. The second pane of glass not only improves thermal performance but also serves to reinforce the strength and durability of the window. Our aluminium windows also work to protect your home with cleverly integrated multipoint locking systems to provide strength and security to the entire perimeter of the window frame instead of allowing for weakened leverage points. You can enjoy total peace of mind when you choose double glazed aluminium windows, safe in the knowledge that they are working around the clock to defend your property against the would-be intruders of Aldershot. 

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Can Double Glazing Be Installed In Older Aluminium Frames? 

It is absolutely possible to include double glazing into pre-existing aluminium window frames – this is known as a Retrofit. Retrofit double glazing is typically a straightforward job and can be carried out on most existing aluminium windows. This would involve us removing the existing glass and replacing it with new double glazed glass inside the aluminium frame. This retains the look of your windows whilst giving you the benefits of the double glazing. 

However, it is important to note that the engineering involved in aluminium window profiles has altered and progressed significantly over recent years. The standard of thermal insulation and home security offered by aluminium windows is of a significantly higher quality now in comparison to windows that may be 10 or 15 years older. To see the best benefits from double glazed aluminium windows, we would always recommend that you get a whole new unit installed rather than just getting a partial replacement of the windows. 

To get a straightforward and competitive price for totally new double glazed aluminium windows, request a quote from our team today! 

Double glazed aluminium windows

Double Glazed Aluminium Window Prices Aldershot 

To get a competitive and comprehensive quote for brand new double glazed aluminium windows from Total Aluminium Solutions, contact our team in Aldershot today! Use our online quoting engine below or chat with a member of our team to get started. Call us today at 01252 336614 to discuss your design plans and get started on your installation!

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