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Features of our Curtain Walling

Curtain Walling Quotes Guildford Aluminium framing that is designed to ensure a consistent, smooth performance for decades, not just years. High performance glazing that retains warmth and allows natural light to filter into the building or business. Weatherproof design including high quality seals and modern trickle vents to prevent any water damage. Strong, robust structure that ensures the curtain walling can be fitted to multiple storeys if the project requires it.

Curtain Walling Guildford

We supply a range of high performance curtain walling to business owners across Guildford. These wide-spanning glazed areas are ideal for shop fronts and are frequently used in single and multi-storey applications. Whether you run a car showroom, restaurant or any other business, curtain walling could be the right solution. This product is also popularly used in smaller businesses like apartment buildings and warehouses.

Curtain walling innovatively blends modern and robust aluminium with high grade glazing, ensuring optimal performance. Curtain walling can be designed to be either faceted or sloped, so you get exactly the right product for your business.

Aluminium curtain walling is intelligently designed to work with your building, boasting innovative architectural design and drawing the right kind of attention to your commercial project. This product range is designed to be flexible and versatile. Walling is made to measure and can be designed to meet your needs.

Our aluminium curtain walling is sourced from three distinct yet respectable manufactures. We work with Smart, Schüco and Sapa to install our curtain walling as part of projects in the Guildford area. All three brands are respected names in the industry, acclaimed for producing high quality aluminium frames.

Energy Efficient Curtain Walling

Our market leading curtain walling is expertly manufactured from durable glass and aluminium. The aluminium frame is thermally broken, smartly trapping warmth inside the Guildford building. The double glazing we use offers superior levels of thermal efficiency. This product will act as an insulating barrier between the rooms inside and cold outside.

Your building or business will feel warmer and more comfortable all year round, despite the addition of expansive glass. Help reduce your energy bills by installing our high performance curtain walling as you will rely less on your central heating.

Because this product is crafted from aluminium, it is more environmentally friendly than steel alternatives on the market. This is because aluminium itself is fully recyclable and can be used time and time again.


Weather Resistance

Our range of curtain walling has been designed with weatherproofing in mind, so you won’t have to worry about damage or damp to your commercial property. The frames and glazing are lined with high performance weatherseals. This ensures that water cannot seep through into your Guildford building. Preventing water ingress can help to protect your business from weather damage which can lead to rotting or damp spots.

You may be concerned that glass is too fragile. This is not the case with our curtain walling. Enjoy a strong walling solution by neutralising the effects of heat-based contraction and expansion. This makes them a fantastic investment for your project.

Aluminium is a natural low maintenance material. Once installed, this product requires very little to stay looking as good as new. If you have a multi-storey building, this could help lower cleaning costs. You can enjoy framework and glazing that won’t rot, fade or distort without the upkeep. Our curtain walling is a fantastic investment for any Guildford project. 

Flexible Design

Aluminium curtain walling does not interfere with or change the structural integrity of buildings. Our designs are flexible and manufactured to be versatile. Our curtain walling comes in a range of sizes and styles. This includes sloped and facet-shaped glazing. No matter what your Guildford project is, we work closely with you to help you get the best product for your requirements.

Whether you are looking to create an authentically traditional feel or are after a more contemporary aesthetic, we have the options for you. Whatever style you create, you can rely on unrivalled performance and longevity.

If you want to match the building with our curtain walling, browse our windows and doors. Our range of double glazing is practical without compromising on stunning aesthetics. Enjoy a sleek overall look for your commercial project.


Curtain Walling Price, Guildford

If you’re a homeowner or business owner looking to get estimated prices for our curtain walling, you’re in the right place. Use our online quoting engine to get instant prices for a wide range of our commercial and residential options. Input the specifications of your project to receive a bespoke price for free.

We are happy to discuss our products and services with you over the phone. We can even offer free estimated quotes over the phone, as well as being put in contact with installers local to you. Simply input your details on our online contact form or reach out directly. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any queries you may have.

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